Thanksgiving 2012…

As the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend comes to a close for 2012 I can’t help but continue thinking about how the last few years have gone and just how unsure and concerned I am for the future.

It’s somewhat disappointing and yet not quite surprising now that the debates are done and the nation has voted and results are in for the election that we hear almost nothing about our Veterans benefits and very little about sequestration thru local or national media outlets!

Seems our veterans only matter in times where a candidate needs a vote and the budget including what will be available for the military is only interesting when the presidential candidates need brownie points with the voters. Go figure! Seems this is always the case when candidates think they’ll win or lose with the military vote and the state of the economy.

It seems that now the big media draw is talking about the Tea Party movement being “DOA” or Romney taking the family to Disney Land, real important stuff, right? And of course now there are those in the Republican and Democratic Party’s that think it is better to compromise instead of stick to their guns when it comes to dealing with the economy. Republican’s ignoring Tea Party relevancy by saying there are no Tea Party representative in congress and not following thru with what got them elected to begin with.

Just to clear that up, the Tea Party movement happens to still be just as relevant now as it was before. Senators Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Thomas E. Price, John R. Carter, Pete Sessions, Lamar S. Smith and a slew of other Republicans are all part of the Tea Party movement ( a total of around 66). And then you have those that bend toward the Tea Party ideology and support it; Senators Jason Chaffetz, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio just to name a few.

So, seems to me that there are some within the Republican establishment that are not quite up on their information or not giving the truth about things as they are. And in my opinion, who really cares where Mitt Romney takes his family now! Veteran’s benefits and active duty pay, the economic state of the country, budget failure and issues within the current administration should be more important than whether the media thinks a particular political movement or a presidential candidate that lost the election should be the covered stories that draw attention.

The media should be looking into why so many are unhappy with the current administration and are now not only discussing this but are filing petitions for secession. We have little being said about the investigation into what happened in Benghazi and whether our president violated National Security by giving away military secrets! Why is this?

We should be hearing more about the petitions for secession and the talk about whether the Electoral College votes should be cast by certain states or not (Neither of which are valid but no one seems to want to state this out in the open). We should be hearing about the talking points for impeachment and whether there is really any justification for such requests. We should have the media checking into ObamaCare and how it will work or rather why it won’t work! There should be more about what the states are doing to block this and why.

I hate to point this out to everyone that for whatever reason still believes it legal for states to secede and that states have a right to secede given to them by our constitution. But obviously everyone stopped reading the Constitution prior to Amendment 14 or didn’t really read any of it but just went along with the status quo. This would include Texas. There is nothing giving Texas any individual right to secede for any reason. And the constitution makes it clear that NO state shall have the right to secede. Also, it seems that people have decided that in reading Article 2 and the 12th Amendment to the Constitution that it somehow gives us a loophole with the presidential election outcome and that those who are set to cast their Electoral College votes can hold back from casting their vote for 18 states and in doing so put the fate of the presidency into the hands of those in the House of Representative and the VP into the Senate to determine who will be appointed to both offices. This again is false! Someone read and interpreted this incorrectly and just like the secession issue no one seems to know their true rights as Americans. They all just follow along with the masses.

I don’t believe secession will do anything to cure the issues that are arising and will only make things worse if states do in fact decide to move toward secession, be it legal or not. I don’t agree with the current administration either, didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 or 2012. It’s difficult to imagine anyone deciding that our only course of action would be to secede. There has already been one civil war, do we really want to be involved in another with a president like the one we now have? What would the country look like if this were to happen? How many states would really join in this with those that secede? And to try and interfere with the Electoral College process would be just as wrong. How would Obama react to this or to secession? Especially since both ideas are not valid.

The only course of action we really have is to demand our representatives in congress do their job and if enough proof is there to begin impeachment proceedings of Obama. To prosecute all involved in “Fast and Furious” as well as the Benghazi terrorist attacks. To investigate any and all reports of voter fraud and any breech of National Security and to make sure we as a nation hold all who are involved in these things accountable no matter who they are or what political party they belong to.

To demand the congress cut spending and defund ObamaCare and get the deficit under control. To have actual bipartisanship and work for “We the People” as it was originally intended! To demand smaller government and to demand states be given the responsibilities it should have in order to deal with issues at state level as intended!

Make it clear by sending our representative a loud and clear message that we want a balanced budget, no tax increases and NO sequestration! That if those in congress are unable to do so there pay will be withheld from them, not veterans or those who are receiving social security, and all money be put into a pool to help pay the national debt, along with the presidents pay. That there will be NO break for the congress and that this will be continued until a budget has been passed and the debt ceiling dropped!
I tend to believe in the saying that if you don’t do your job, you don’t deserve to be paid. I also think that if Obama and the Democratic Party are as sincere as they say they are that they will ALL give up 80% of their income for the next 4 years to show they want a budget and spending curbed.
Anyone else with me on this?

And of course, if all else fails, vote those who don’t do what they said they would do and who won’t do what We the People are asking of them out of office in 2014 and put those who will more likely do what is needed and wanted into office. Continue to be active and keep informed on political issues at both state and federal levels. That, after all, is the most effective way We the People can make sure our representatives do what is asked of them isn’t it?

It seems to me that there are too many Americans that tend to take the freedoms and rights we have as something that will never be lost or taken, they take everything for granted. How can anyone truly believe that we will always be free and have the freedoms afforded to us if we don’t even know or understand those freedoms and rights that we do have? How do we defend those freedoms and make sure they are respected if we give them up so easily and compromise everything for what little someone says they will give for it?

It seems that the majority is either completely dependent upon the government for everything or that they are too lazy and want someone else to take care of everything for them. Then there are those that don’t agree with the path we are on but that just don’t care or want to get involved as they don’t think they can make a difference.

I find it almost offensive that our own schools don’t teach history as it should be taught. We should never look at our founding fathers or the original Tea Party as terrorists or as those that planned and carried out terrorist acts. This being taught now in schools as how our future leaders will view our founders and the acts they took to become a free nation! We need to make sure that WE are the loudest and most influential ones in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives, to take a more active role in what they are being taught and what they are exposed to.

I challenge everyone to ask questions and get involved. Who will get involved? Who will make the difference?



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