Still Political Uncertainty

We can all take a sigh of relief (humor intended) over the Mayan calendar ending on Dec. 21, 2012 and count it as being just another day instead of the “End of the World” as so many were thinking it would be. Those Mayans sure are a funny bunch now aren’t they…(Humor again people).

As Christmas Day draws near and as we all prepare for Christmas Day and family visits, and the end of 2012 gets closer, there are still so many questions left unanswered about so many things that happened this year. I wonder if there will ever be a reckoning day for those who are responsible for these issues.

It’s difficult to believe that there is still very little knowledge of what happened with the “Fast and Furious” scandal from earlier in the year; this due to our current president deciding to interfere with any investigation by using a presidential executive order to block any investigation from being capable of finding out anything information wise to make conclusions with. You might also be wondering if the president wasn’t involved or if he didn’t have knowledge of this going on, then why use an executive order to block the investigation? I know that I can’t help but wonder this!

What really went on in Benghazi? We all know that only the president can deny or approve military action across foreign borders. We know that there were two gunships within range to give air support. We know there were two drone’s in the area as well to give real time information. We know that there were “eye’s on the ground” to give even better Intel. so that support could know what they would run into and we also know that there were two different teams of soldiers within hours of the Consulate that was under siege. So, why would these four American’s be left alone to fend for themselves in a battle that lasted for, if memory serves, over 7 hours? Why would an Ambassador, his aid and two Seal’s be left to die with no help? Why would the president and his administration decide to not only lie about why this occurred but about what they knew and when? Why would we now be hearing that the president didn’t give any orders to “stand down”? Why would they still think we will believe that it was the Intelligence and State Departments fault? Why are there people so willing to “fall on their sword” for this president and administration? Again, will we ever really get the truth of what happened?

The president is on vacation in Hawaii with his family now, even though nothing has been resolved that needed to be. Spending $4,000,000.00 (yes that’s Million) of the tax payers’ dollars even though we still have no resolution to the current debt ceiling, spending frenzy of this administration and president and we still have no budget (for the 4th year in a row)! How is it that Americans’ decided to give this man another four years to dig the hole deeper? Do we as a society really not care anymore about the country we live in? Is it that we are so greedy and self-indulgent now that nothing else will matter?

It seems that now that ObamaCare is passed this president doesn’t care about much else but gun bans, tax hikes and spending without limits (not in that order). There are way too many American’s unemployed or in a position that would be considered being under-employed. We have soldiers coming home that can’t find a job and those that are injured and can’t get the help they were told they would have. And still, Obama takes his family on vacation!

The president and House of Representatives still haven’t agreed on the budget for 2013. The president hasn’t really even put forth much effort to do this and Speaker Boehner has almost gone as far as to capitulate to what the president has asked for! The only thing saving the American people from this happening is the Republican vote in the House walking away. We cannot take more uncontrolled spending. There is no way that the president should be given no cap to spending. Congress should be demanding deep spending cuts and not giving into what the president wants. The president should NOT be on vacation until this is done.

The youth of today seems to have NO clue as to what is really going on. And what is even scarier is that most adults know less than their children. They don’t know the difference between “rights” and “privileges”! Most don’t even know what the Constitution or Bill of Rights contain or what they actually mean. This means our youth has been getting misinformed by those that teach them in school and worse yet we have parents that are doing the same thing at home or that are allowing the misinformation to be spread by those in charge at school! It’s our responsibility as parents and mentors to make sure those that are teaching or involved with our children actually know what they are talking about and that our children aren’t being brainwashed to believe our founding fathers were “terrorists” and that “communism is good for the country”! Instead we have those that allow the attitude of entitlement and those that are just plain spoiled and don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. We have parents that don’t care enough to be involved at that level or that are too lazy to deal with these issues when they should.

I was surprised to hear there was at least one teenager (that I have so far found) that actually believes in democracy and a conservative America and seems to know what he is talking about to a degree. He has gone as far as to start his own radio show online. His name, Caiden Cowger, and his show is broadcast on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm ( While he does have some facts that aren’t correct, he is pretty accurate on most points and is at least making an effort to learn and to challenge those around him to think more. He is actually trying to reach his peer group and understand why they tend to lean toward the Liberal left and from what I can understand from listening to the program, he is also trying to educate them and make them open their eyes to what they are doing and what is really going on.

It will take more than the adults of today and a few well intended teens in order to demand our politician’s do their jobs and to listen to their constituents again and for us to defend our rights as described within the constitution and Bill of Rights. It will take teaching the youth of today and for them to really understand what is going on. I think this is the most important reason to make sure that our youth of today is plugged into what is going on in the world today and that they stop believing everything they either hear second hand or read from somewhere that isn’t factually correct. They need to start researching and learning instead of taking what they are told to be gospel!

It seems that if you print it or say it no one will really challenge or fact check it. We as adults cannot teach them about or defend our constitution if we ourselves don’t even know it. We cannot lean on those in political power to defend us. If We the people fail to follow through and actually demand that which is ours and that which is right then we will have no one but ourselves to blame when our freedoms are taken from us.

If we don’t make a logical defense of our statements and stances, we only have ourselves to blame when we are questioned on them. It was once, at least for me, a normal occurrence to have those who are Liberal to yell profanities or become loud, accusatory and verbally offensive when they have been challenged about their beliefs or statements or when they challenge anyone with a different view then theirs. Now it seems that not only are those same Liberals still attacking in these instances, but some of those who say they are Republicans, Libertarian, conservative or Tea Party members are now just as bad! If we are to make the conservative or constitutional thinking become more prevalent in politics and if we are to take back the senate and house of reps in 2014, we need to make sure we can make sense and not attack those who attack us.

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