Sequestration; The Chicken was Wrong!

So, sequestration has happened. The $85 Billion in cuts turns out to be more like $44 Billion; roughly between less than 1% up to 2.4% of the $3.6 Trillion that Obama is going to spend this year. The president running around the country crying “the sky is falling” was actually wrong. Or should we say, he was yet again wrong. The media that loves Obama so much was also pushing his view of sequestration, and they were wrong. Wonder if they will come out and report on how bad things really aren’t after the sequestration? I doubt it, but then miracles do happen.

We now have John Kerry as the Secretary of State and just in time for the sequestration we also have Chuck Hagel as the new Secretary of Defense. Just what we needed, right? I mean it’s not enough that we have Barack Obama still in the White House and Joe Biden as his second in command. Kind of like having the actors of Dumb and Dumber in the White House trying to run the country. And then we add in the inept and incompetent congress. And now we have two more buffoons to deal with. It’s not as if Obama has ever made a good decision on cabinet members or policy changes. Maybe they will be better than the two individuals they replaced, but then again maybe they will be even worse. I suppose we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Now all we need is for Senator Feinstein to continue pushing her bill to ban the so called “assault” weapons and magazines. Makes as much sense as Obama’s idea for fixing the economy or his idea to fix the unemployment problem, don’t you think?

Personally I am hoping the Senator is handed her proverbial rear along with the other Senators that are just as misguided as she is as well as the so called experts and “gun grabbers” that she has lined up to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee . It’s not as though the founders wrote the constitution or Bill of Rights in the hopes that one day we would realize what a big mistake they had made. They wrote the constitution and Bill of Rights the way it was written on purpose, done so that even in our ignorance and our greed we would still have our freedom and rights protected from ourselves.

At times I am surprised that more American’s don’t stand up and start questioning the elected officials that they are voting for.  We the People are supposed to be the ones that decide our own nation’s fate, not the politicians in D.C. When are We the People going to learn and start demanding what is rightfully ours? When is enough going to be enough? When are parents going to start teaching their children about the real history of this country so that they can grow up and make sound educated choices?




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