Who’s in Charge here anyway?

The government has no business taking on the housing industry, auto industry, insurance industry, personal life choices, health issues or the sanctity of marriage as laid out by the Word of God!

They do however need to take care of the growing deficit, crumbling economy, abysmal jobs market, tax reform, foreign affairs, military benefits and Illegal Immigration issues as well as Immigration concerns of those who are coming to this country legally!

Those who are in elected or appointed offices should also be adhering to and abiding by their sworn oaths of office. Stop attacking the constitution and stop trying to strip more rights away from we the people.

I’m tired of hearing how what has been going on these past 4+ years is constitutional and how Obama has every right to do what he has done and is still now doing; tired of congress not doing their sworn job of defending the constitution from ALL enemies, from not passing budgets or cutting spending. Seems as long as they get something out of this its ok! Who cares about the country or the people? Don’t try and trick everyone and say that what the government proposes is for the good of all, especially the children! That’s such BS and I’m not falling for it.

I’m tired of people who obviously have no grasp of what the constitution and Bill of rights actually mean. Tired of people deciding they will tell you what our founders must have meant when writing these documents and all the while what they were meaning is IN WRITING, all you have to do is read it for yourself instead of believing someone who has their best interests in mind not yours!

Tired of those who don’t want to live by the laws of God only taking those laws they can deal with and live with and throwing the others out, essentially making up their own god and committing idolatry.

I’m tired of hearing about how if you talk about being Christian you’re a hypocrite because you don’t do anything as described in the “Old Testament” (as this is always there argument) when it was the coming of Christ and the subsequent crucifixion of Christ that began the New covenant with ALL of mankind, Pagan and Jew, and replacing the Old covenant with God. So, while these people who enjoy taunting and ridiculing those who are Christian throw scripture at them as though they know what the Word really means, to me, it’s obvious that just because you’ve read it or lived it at one point you don’t necessarily understand exactly what it is about. You can read something and still be just as blind to what it means because unless you believe it doesn’t make sense and therefore won’t be understood.

So, just because someone decides to enlighten you about what they think these documents mean doesn’t mean that you should believe as they do and doesn’t really mean they  get it or understand it and therefore, you again don’t either!! All that you do at that point is mark yourself as a weak-minded follower with no ideas or thought processes of your own. Following the crowd where ever it goes and to your own demise.

So, what will you do, will you be the biggest influence in your children’s lives or will you allow the TV and schools to continue their assault on the family and societies way of thinking? Where will this country really be and what will it be like if we don’t do something to change the attitudes and influences of this day and age?

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