A Letter to All Americans – Part 1



This will the first article I’ve written in some time now as there has been so much going on. I’ve taken some much needed time in order to think through and process things that have been going on lately world-wide. As such, this will be somewhat of a long article. I will be breaking it down into 5 shorter parts within the next week or so. With that being said, I think this is as good a point as any to begin.

As always, if you feel the need to comment or begin a discussion, please do so. I do believe we will all be better off if more participate in discussions of issues and learn the reasons for the differing opinions so as to come to a solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

 With current events from around the globe lately, as well as recent events in our own “backyard” here in America; I’m finding myself more and more disappointed with the way in which this administration decides the US is to appear to the rest of the world and how they decide to treat the American citizenry as a whole. We are being stripped of our God given rights in every way possible by those who say it’s for our own good and worse yet, there are those who freely give up freedoms and rights with no questions asked and then tell the rest of the people that it’s the right thing to do, so why fight it!

We no longer have what I would consider to be a country that is united and have, in my opinion, lost some of the ground that was gained on issues of race as well as civil rights and freedoms within the last decade, or more, and the trend seems to be pointing toward more of the same if people don’t wake up and start doing something about it. Those who are in a position of power and who have the platform to rectify this are only making the division between race and financial status of ‘We the People’ worse and doing so with what seems to me to be no regard for anything but their own sick, twisted agenda and gain, be it their own political or wealth agenda that is being pushed and being done with gleeful smiles the whole time.

Our President and his administration are making America out to be a laughing stock for Leaders of countries and their citizens around the world. Our foreign policy has been weakened and continues to decline daily under the direction of Obama and his administration. It’s obvious that other countries no longer recognize or view America or American’s as anything more than a joke and a target. Our own president makes it his job to grovel and apologize and has his administration doing the same thing.

On issues in our own country we have leaders that ignore the bigger and more egregious infringements and instead dwell and beat on those issues that should NOT be theirs to meddle with! We don’t have an AG that takes his job seriously and a President that demands those who have a job to do for ‘We the People’ to do it and do it by following the constitution. Instead we have a circle jerk administration that says they want equality and unity but in everything they do causes further inequality and division! We have a president that has not aligned himself with competent able minded people and has instead aligned himself with buffoons and morons that tow the governmental company line, following a plan put together by someone that obviously doesn’t have what it takes to do the job, and they never ask questions! None of which obviously know anything about economics, foreign policies or running the most powerful country in the world and needless to say, can’t do simple math to save their own lives!

And none of which seem to care about those who are put into harm’s way by their ignorant misguided ideas and plans. Not to mention those who have returned and been left to wait while those in position to help ignore and instead send funding to foreign countries.


To be continued….

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