A Letter to All Americans – Part 2


It seems this administration is more concerned with what the UN wants and not what our constitutional rights are. They would rather race-bait and cause tension among ‘We the People’ then to do the right thing. Our Leaders are caught in lie after lie about what they are doing or not doing. They tend to present themselves as caring and concerned with World issues that affect our country and those who defend it and then propose Legislation and Laws that are contradicting to what they say or that completely ignore issues that should be discussed and resolved.

Instead of addressing issues that are of utmost importance we have an administration that decides to ignore the Federal responsibilities they have to protect ‘We the people’ and instead opt to oppress ‘We the people’ with their idiotic and irrational policies that they don’t even read or comprehend prior to voting to enact them. They don’t know what it is to follow constitutional law as they stopped following that decades ago! Now it’s more or less the ‘rule of the mob’ rather than the ‘law of the land’ that prevails.

We have an administration that seems as though they think they’re above constitutional law and make excuse after excuse and lie after lie in order to cover up all of the scandals and problems they are either causing or that are cropping up due to the inept and ignorant policies they are cramming down the American people’s throats. It’s as though they are making up the rules as they go instead of following what was set forth at the birth of the Nation with our constitution and Bill of Rights!

Our rights are being infringed upon daily and the media either doesn’t have a clue or is part of the cover up! So, no longer do we have a media outlet for the people, instead; either way you look at it, the media has become another government tool to be used against us. It has become sickening to watch the news go from reporting real stories that affect us to reporting about what those in Hollywood or those in politics wear or stories about their lives that don’t really matter. These stories should be left to the Reality TV shows that are all over Television these days. But instead news reporters have decided to ignore and go around important questions and instead ask trivial questions that are of no concern or consequence to the average American citizen. Maybe the news outlets have been castrated or neutered? Maybe there just aren’t any real news anchors or journalists left today in the mainstream media.

News should be covered on News stations, real questions should be asked and reporters should push to get the answers from those they interview! Who cares whether you have a new dog or what you ate or how you did in college at that point. What does it matter whether you went out to dinner or who you had breakfast with and where you were at the night before. Why not ask questions about the amount spent on vacations when they stop allowing tours to the Whitehouse due to “Sequestration” and still spend Millions on vacationing. Why not get some answers to questions on funding foreign countries and giving arms to those countries? All the while allowing our Veterans to stand in an ever growing line waiting for benefits and help for over 2-3 years.


To be continued…..

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