A Letter to All Americans – Part 4


I suppose that an oath given is only as important and relevant as the individual giving it these days. Gone are the solid oaths given by honest, honorable men. Just like the handshakes given and words spoken by men who meant what they said and followed thru on those same words. Handshakes and words that were just as good, if not better, then a contract signed on paper.

The congress and President are more concerned with giving aid and support to foreign countries, even those who would rather see the Western way of life as it is here in America wiped from the face of the earth along with those who don’t agree with their somewhat flawed ideology. Being “Politically Correct” is for whatever reason what everyone is supposed to do now, no matter what! That is, unless it’s about conservative views or Religious views. At these times, with those views, you are to sit and be quiet, not say a word, keeping your views to yourself as so not to offend anyone else but rather to be offended. And of course, if you decide to voice your opinion anyway, well then, you deserve what you get and should have known better!

So, now, why are we so angry and upset about a 17 year old kid being shot and killed and the man who did it being acquitted by a jury of his peers and not as or more angry and upset about the dismal and ineffective way in which our government takes care of those who supply the freedoms for which we all take for granted? Why is it that this one individual has national attention and all other murders go unnoticed by anyone outside of the immediate area in which it happened? What makes this such a special case? Is it because George Zimmerman is Latino but considered Caucasian? Is it because Trayvon happened to be black?

Why is it that people are so outraged for just this one kid? Why aren’t we all as upset and angered over ALL those who are killed daily; whether black, white or brown no matter what age? What makes this one person so special that our president and the AG deem it necessary to attack a man who was tried and found NOT GUILTY? Aren’t the children lost to violence that no one hears about just as important and aren’t their families just as devastated by their loss?

Is vigilante justice Ok for some but not all? What makes it Ok to attack innocent bystanders when you don’t get your way? Who decides what is right or wrong in the eyes of the mob? And who will be held accountable for those acts of violence? Will our president or AG stand up for any of these victims? Doubtful!

We have Veterans and families of our fallen warriors left to fend for themselves, waiting for support and promised benefits that have been earned by blood, sweat, tears and life or limb.

When will it be “politically correct” to take care of our Veterans? Who that is famous or influential will finally stand up and demand this? Who will speak for those who are left without in this group? Who will boycott for their benefits?

To have a suicidal rate on a daily basis of American Service Veterans at 22 suicides is appalling and unacceptable. Our government officials that have been sworn into office have failed in their duty to uphold and honor those who make it possible for this free society to even exist. They have allowed the warriors, heroes, protectors and defenders of our Nation to die on foreign soil and now on American soil without dignity and with little to no help.


To be continued……

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