A Letter to All Americans- Part 5


There is no excuse for this failure. The President has been aware of the failures of the VA, the congress knows as well. And still they do nothing to fix the broken and inept VA. We now have over half a million wounded warriors that are waiting for the help that could make the difference between holding on another day and taking their own lives for lack of basic help.

It’s gotten better in the past few weeks but still isn’t anywhere close to what it should be. For me, just one Veteran having to wait for what they’ve earned and deserve is one too many when the President and administration spend money without a second thought and send money to foreign countries to supply them with weapons and aiding terrorist groups. Countries that support terrorists and don’t care for America or its values! Any other administration or President that would do this would be questioned and condemned by the country and the media. So, how is it that this isn’t what is currently being done by the media or by congress? How is it that America can be so divided as to not have more people questioning this Presidents’ motives as well as keeping and honoring his oath of office?

It’s time that ALL Veterans stand up and decide we’ve had enough! Our brothers and sisters in arms are hurting and in need of help and support. If our government is going to continue to fail them then it falls on other Veterans to continue to uphold our oaths and help our fallen comrades in arms in whatever way possible.

We need to demand change within the VA ranks, demand the President and congress stop aiding foreign countries over its own. Its time this government was held to its promises when it comes to those who supply the very blanket of protection in which they seem to have at one point or another taken for granted. It’s time to know just how they can justify the loss of life and lack of support by an inept VA Department.

These benefits aren’t entitlements that are being given to Veterans, these are earned benefits. Why is it then that our government is more interested in giving entitlements to immigrants then they are in taking care of our injured Veterans? Each and every one of these individuals that put their lives on hold, left family to go to a foreign country and fight and that left a part of who they were there and lost parts of who they could have been once back here have earned each and every comfort and benefit they need. We as a Nation that sent them off to fight a war are responsible to take care of them when they come home. We cannot continue to allow our warriors to be expendable items left on the wayside when it’s not convenient to deal with them.

Again, I encourage dialog with others whether you agree or disagree with my opinions and thoughts. Just as long as you can retain some semblance of respect and have an adult dialog on these subjects or any others that you may be wanting to breach.



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