‘Their Messing with Me’…

So how is it that our President is able to stand and state as “fact” the following without laughing at himself or at those who actually believe what he says?

1.) The Republicans are just trying to mess with him.

2.) Passing a budget and raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with the ACA (ObamaCare) being funded.

3.) The congress is, by law, to pass a budget every year.

4.) The Republicans in congress aren’t thinking of the middle class. They aren’t focused on them and are instead focused on messing with the President.

5.) The President will Veto any bill that doesn’t give him what he wants.

So, can someone please explain now, how it is that the President can think these statements are true? If a large majority of the American people don’t want ObamaCare funded; ask yourself, who isn’t actually thinking of the people? Who isn’t listening? If the American people are tired of paying taxes at such high rates in order for the government to squander it all on foreign aid and political BS but they continue to demand more; are they thinking of the American people? Who has put their own agenda ahead of the American people and who has put Party Politics above doing the right thing?

What a weak and petty stance to take by a presiding President. Makes you wonder just how strong the US looks in the eyes of the World when our President is sniveling and pouting, telling everyone to feel sorry for him because the mean old Republicans are messing with him and won’t let him have what he wants without question.

If the Democrats were thinking of the people, wouldn’t they cut spending, lower taxes and actually read the legislation they intend to vote on prior to voting? Wouldn’t we have a President and congress that actually took their oaths of office seriously and actually performed as our founders intended them to do? Wouldn’t we have a more constitutionally accountable government in charge that was more interested in following the LAW as written instead of passing legislation that takes away the effects of having constitutional law on We the Peoples side? Aren’t we the United States of America, a Republic in which our Law’s protect the people from its government?

Wouldn’t we actually have more congressmen speaking out against the unconstitutional direction this President and administration seems bent on taking this country? Would we have actual congressional members that are true Statesmen that put the country above self and Party again? Wouldn’t the people be protected in word and deed instead of being lied to and deceived?

If Obama was focused on the American people, why would he be so intent on making sure that we the people know that he thinks congress is “just messing with him”? Why would he want the American populace to believe that he is being ridiculed and mocked over ignorant legislation and inept leadership by himself and his Party?

If Obama doesn’t want a federal government shutdown on the 30th, why doesn’t he come to the table and compromise with congress? Why would he threaten to “veto” the bill and why, if the Democrats were so intent on doing what’s good for the people and the country, exempt themselves and their backers from the same Health Care that is supposedly so “Affordable”? And why would they continue to take America further into debt? Do they really not know basic economics or arithmetic? Are they really that ignorant?

Another words; if Obama and the Democrat Party don’t want to have a government shutdown, why would THEY be threatening a government shutdown if the Senate and House don’t pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling, along with funding the ACA without question or concern? Why would the President and the Presidents own Democratic Party leaders be so willing to force a shutdown if the Republicans in the House and Senate don’t capitulate to their way of doing business? Who is really playing politics here? Why would Harry Reid, the Majority Leader of the Senate, state that this bill is “dead in the Senate”, if the Democrats were actually listening to their constituents and doing what We the People are saying?

How about someone in the Democrat Party, or better yet, the President, explain why it’s the congress that has been blamed for failure of passing a budget? Has no one read the constitution? Or are they reading a copy that doesn’t state this:

The President, in accordance with the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, must submit a budget to Congress each year. In its current form, federal budget legislation law (31 U.S.C. 1105(a)) specifies that the President submit a budget between the first Monday in January and the first Monday in February.’

This hasn’t happened in over 5 years now!! So, who has failed to submit a budget and pass it?

Who have the Democrats and President been talking to in order to decide that the ACA is the only Health Care reform that will work? Don’t they see the same reports and numbers as the rest of the people? Why, if this Health Care bill is as good and ‘affordable’ as they say it is, are union Leaders as well as certain other businesses begging for an opt out of ObamaCare? Why did congress exempt themselves and their staffers from ObamaCare?And why is it that our President and Vice President aren’t enrolling in the same Health Care?

How is it that they continue to say taxing and spending is the only way to right the economy? Do they not know anything? Do they not care? Is this not a Republic? Or have we been moving, unwittingly, from Republic to something else? What type of government do we truly have; an Oligarchy, Democracy or Republic? If we are truly a Republic, then ALL must abide by the LAW, there can be no elitist group. We cannot ignore those laws and rules that we don’t agree with or decide to change those we don’t understand or like in order to suite our own need. If a Democracy, then we will go thru the progression of Oligarchy and Anarchy and shortly thereafter be doomed as Rome was to failure.

Anyone that has served or is now serving in our Armed Forces can tell you just how good government Health Care can be, just look at the back logs of those Veterans waiting for treatments and benefits. Look at the wait times and the level of care given at some of the medical facilities and then ask yourselves if you’d like the same treatment and response times? I bet no one would volunteer to be enrolled.

Look at just how affordable your Health Insurance is now and ObamaCare isn’t even in full effect yet. If you’re Health Care Benefits have been changing like mine has; you’ve probably noticed that your coverage has changed, the amount you pay monthly has gone up, the amount you pay for prescriptions has gone up, the out of pocket co-pay has gone up, the amount you have to cover for procedures has gone up. This has been going on since the ACA legislation was passed before being read. And if you’re like me, your pay has gone down. So, just how ‘affordable’ is this new Health Care plan of the Presidents? And, after all of the failures of this administration, why would anyone now have any faith in what this administration says is best for us?

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