Love Your Veterans Shoot-A-Thon fundraiser for wounded veterans

Exciting Shoot-A-Thon to help our troops suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury

Love Your Veterans is excited to announce the first “Shoot-A-Thon” in collaboration with America’s Mighty Warriors and Fayetteville Hyperbarics. The Shoot-a-Thon will raise money for their Got HBOT?Program that ensures our troops and veterans have access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and other supportive therapies for military families suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The Shoot-a-Thon will be held June 13-14 th at Armadillo Gun Club in Neveda, TX. There is a fun Mom-Kid 500 Match Friday from 9-noon, and then adult 500 matches Friday 1- 6:30 and Saturday 10 – 5.

The Shoot-A-Thon event features unique, limited edition, exclusive and desirable awards which can be earned by competitors when they sign up to fundraise as part of the online registration process. This is a platform from which participants can encourage families, friends and local businesses to sponsor them to compete in the event, and invites their supporters to come out and cheer them on. Such a fundraising concept accomplishes the mission of increasing awareness while raising substantial funds for the support of our real heroes in a venue which is popular and fun.

The Got HBOT? Program creates awareness about, funding for and access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) and supportive therapies for the injured and the caregiver. HBOT has been helping our troops heal and get their lives back after TBI. HBOT consists of breathing 100% oxygen under a prescribed pressure, for a prescribed amount of time. When the brain tissue is injured in a combat blast, for instance, that tissue does not receive the oxygen it needs to heal. Cells remain idle, injured and ineffective causing the brain to lose functionality. Through HBOT, the increased pressure allows100% oxygen to permeate throughout the body and reach the cells that need it to heal.

HBOT is approved and covered by insurance for 14 indications in the U.S. However, HBOT for TBI and PCS is not yet covered by the military, Veteran’s Administration or private insurance. “We must step in and help our troops and veterans get access to treatments to help them heal. They have given so much for our country; we must give back” said Cara Mae Melton, COO of America’s Mighty Warriors. Melton went on to say, “Together with Love Your Veterans and Fayetteville Hyperbarics, we will make a difference.”

An exclusive triple barrel shotgun will be at the event to shoot and raffle. Come watch an exhibition of the Love Your Veterans Cannon! You can register for the event at which is sponsored by DFW Real Estate Coach, TEXAS the restaurant and Provident Metals.

To learn more about participation, sponsorships and donations, please go to or contact Melanie Davis, founder of Love Your Veterans at

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