The Latest on the VA Scandal….

Recently President Obama said we have a promise made that is under resourced. This promise made was in reference to the VA. That we are supposed to be there for them when they come home.

The President says the VA is underfunded and that’s the problem, blaming Republicans for the waiting lists and scandals plaguing the VA. He says government works better now than it has before. The President is making excuses for his administrations failures in the VA as well as in other areas.

Basically calling for bigger government within the VA!! In July of 2015 he gave a speech @the VA in Pittsburgh, in that speech he stated that long wait times have been drastically cut, cooking books and denial of benefits as well as holding those accountable is happening. He said that the average wait time is now just a few days and that service is good now. He tried to push sequestration onto others still. And actually tried to take credit yet again for the deaths of those terrorists that are no longer walking this earth under his watch, that under his watch we have pushed back the Taliban and our mission is now over in Afghanistan?

He talked about keeping our military strong while cutting forces, and talked about sequestration cuts and blaming Republicans for it? Saying that Veterans homelessness and joblessness has been cut and that patient safety is high priority at VA. He said the backlog has been cut by over 80%!!

He says he has protected the VA funding when it comes to sequestration. Really? What about the continued threat, which is what this statement is all about, of cutting active duty pay and Veterans pay whenever it comes to the budget and pushing his spending thru? The facts of all the above statements made are completely different then what Obama has professed. Where does this man get his information!? And how does he think more funding will fix the issues?

Kissing Veterans asses in speeches doesn’t get anything done. Lip-service is just that, talking about what you will do doesn’t get anything done, actions speak louder than words. Since being elected and taking office in 09′ Obama has done little more than make excuses and point the finger to others with exception of the times when something happens that makes him look good if he takes credit.

According to the CVA (Concerned Veterans for America), and other documents proved to have actual real statistics, show a completely different story. It seems that there have only been a handful of personnel fired or forced to retire that were involved at senior levels and that wait times have actually increased 50%. And it seems Obama wants everyone to swallow another false account of what’s really happening. What does everyone else think? Let me know.

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