2016 Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day 2016
On the eve of Memorial Day 2016, I cannot help but think of those who
have given their all in the service of our great Nation. I am humbled by
the courage and honor of those who’ve served and those who are now
serving, knowing that doing so would mean they were gifting a country
with their very lives and at any time during their service they might have
to decide just how much of that life they would give. As it has been said
before and will be said for years to come; All gave some, Some gave all.
Freedom has a very high price in deed.
My father served over 20+ years in the U.S. Army, has served tours in
Vietnam that he still, to this day, does not talk about to many people. He
made it home, by God’s grace. So I was still able to have my father as I
grew up. Even if he, for periods of time in my youth, had to leave to
serve until retiring from the Army. We were one of many lucky families.
I am also honored to have those who I consider friends, that too have
served and have seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I thank you all for
all you had to do. I myself stood ready, in uniform to do the same.
I consider myself to be honored to have served in the U.S. Army for 8
years. I don’t yet know for sure whether it’s a curse or a merciful gift
that I was to miss combat deployment due to my injury during a training
mission that caused my early ETS and after a 3 year battle with VA, left
me as a Disabled Veteran. I can only wonder now, 21 years 59 days after
ETS and 29 years 59 days since joining as an Active Duty Soldier, just
how courageous, brave and honorable I would have been under such

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