What are they really protesting about?


It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. With all the talk going around over the National Anthem protests being held by athletes in the NFL and other pro sports leagues that are now joining in on this, I thought I’d put my own thoughts out here.

It amazes me how some who have a difference of opinion with those who voted for Trump always say how hateful, racist, bigoted, ignorant, uneducated, wrong, close minded or hypocritical we can be or how offended they are by our choice for president or for being what they consider to be abhorrent; a “Republican” or “Conservative”. All while displaying those very same traits themselves, showing just how truly “inclusive” they are as a “Democrat” or “Liberal”.

I find it unprofessional to display disrespect for our flag, National Anthem, Military Service members, past and present, and the country by sitting, taking a knee or not coming out onto the field for the National Anthem. Even standing and locking arm in arm is disrespectful. Don’t they actually have a code of conduct that dictates this is unacceptable behavior? I think so! Is this somehow less important than being penalized and fined for end-zone celebrations, taunting and bad sportsman-like conduct? How can that be?! Don’t those also fall under the “Right to express themselves” within the 1st Amendment? And don’t we have consequences for those who exercise their 1st Amendment Right when they offend others?

If they want to impact their communities and the country and make a difference, maybe they should stop protesting something that ultimately does their cause no good and actually get out into their communities, put their money where their mouths are and donate their time and energies in making an actual difference. Talk to the police departments, city and county officials in their communities; work with them to change things for the better.

Donate money to communities that are in need of help. Instead of spending their game checks on frivolous unnecessary items, use their platform and financial windfalls to help those communities that are in need. There are so few that actually do that and so many more that just give lip service and nothing more.

Stop drowning out the issues with kindergarten style tactics and comments that only do your cause harm and take the focus off the subject that you say you care so much about. Stop making this about racial and financial division. Stop trying to one-up the president and make this about something he’s said now. That of course makes your “protest” all about the president and this country and not what you profess to be protesting about!

Stop using your stardom as a divisive thing. Those who are professional athletes and those who are entertainers, not the POTUS, are the ones that have a bigger impact on those who watch their respective sports, movies or shows and listen to their music. And THEY are the ones our children look up to and aspire to be like.  Not the president.

I don’t agree with those who didn’t vote for the candidate I was pulling for in this past presidential election. And Donald J Trump, for the record, was not my first choice for a candidate. I ultimately chose to vote for Trump because I couldn’t vote for an individual who had already shown just how incompetent and undeserving they were, and are, of attaining the office of POTUS or any other elected office within our government. I don’t make decisions on one issue. I don’t make uneducated choices either. I look at the whole picture.

I don’t sit and degrade or name call anyone for expressing their opinion and exercising their Right to vote for whom they thought was best. Or at least I do my best not to do so. I would rather have a conversation and know what deciding factor(s) went into the decision. Do I agree with all his statements and stances, not exactly? Do I think he should use different words when pointing things out, sure I do. Would it be better if he’d act more “presidential” and “politically correct” when addressing a subject? Maybe, but then that’s not why he was elected now was it!? He’s not a politician, he’s not “politically correct” and that is what most were drawn to when casting their vote. Would I rather he not tweet so much, sure. But then I can’t control anyone else’s thoughts, words or actions. I am only accountable for my own and no one else’s. It sure would be a breath of fresh air if more people felt that way.

Do I say that all those who voted for Hillary Clinton are criminals or incompetent? I think not. But my vote for Trump somehow makes me ignorant, misogynistic, a Nazi, a White Supremacist, racist, bigot…etc., etc., etc…

The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind here as contrary to what most would think who don’t know me; I am not just Caucasian, my genealogy includes much more than meets the eye. As do many of us. I don’t know many who would consider themselves as “White Supremacists” as being pure Caucasian. So the title seems completely misguided and ignorant from the start. There is, after all, much more to me than my “whiteness”.

I miss the days when we could have civil discord, have disagreements without disrespecting each other or “un-friending” someone for a difference of opinion. What ever happened to doing what’s best for the country and not for the Party you happen to be with. When did it become Republican and Democrat and stop being Americans? And how can anyone be a “-“American!? Aren’t we Americans? We aren’t Black, White, Red or any other color, we are just Americans. And if not, how then can those who are “African-American, Anglo-American, Cuban-American, Chinese-American, or any of those “-“American’s able to “serve two masters”? Who does your allegiance lie with truly? And how can you be 100% trusted on either side?

When did it become better to come to America and make a living by taking from the federal government? When did the federal government start taking care of immigrants that come here illegally, making legal immigration something that no longer means anything along with actual citizenship? When did it become better to live under federal funding and piss and moan about the people that are being taxed to death? When did it become better to have a bloated federal government that is more interested in taking control of every aspect of its citizen’s lives and less about their actual constitutionally appointed duties? And when did American’s decide that that was the life they wanted, to have everything given to them and their freedoms and rights stripped and replaced with privileges?!

Is that what our country was founded upon? Is that what our founders had in mind for us? I think not! How can we be “The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave” when we’ve given up our freedoms for the miniscule securities that a far away federal government says it now has the Right to give us? Have we forgotten what one of the founders stated? Are we to now go the way of past Nations? Or shall we once again believe that “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” and will we be able to keep our Republic or lose it? As we are a Constitutional Republic and NOT a Democracy, no matter how badly some would like to have it be the latter for benefit of “Mob Rule”!…