First and foremost, I would like to say that I have served my Country and am proud to be an American. I was in the US Army Signal Corps and served from April 1987 thru April 1995. I enjoyed my time in the service of my Country and had to unfortunately exit prematurely due to an injury and am now one of a number of Disabled Vets.

I’ve spent time in South Carolina where I went thru Basic Training (Boot camp) assigned to Ft. Jackson, Co E, 3rd Bn 29th Inf Regt, Alabama where I went thru AIT for MOS 93J (Air Traffic Controller Radar Scope Operator), Ft. Rucker, B Co., 4th ATB, 1st AVN Brigade (AASLT).

I then went to Georgia where I spent time in AIT for MOS 31M (Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator) Ft. Gordon, A Co., 379th Signal Bn, A Co., 361st Signal Bn and after training was assigned to my first duty station in the 154th Signal Bn, B Company, Ft. Clayton, Panama where I spent 18 months.

I was reassigned to the 29th Signal Bn, B Company, Ft. Lewis, Wa. where I spent the last 5 years of my Army career and was trained in MOS 31D (Mobile Subscriber Equipment Transmission System Operator).  I was able to also spent time in Korea, Honduras and Japan.

After my ETS (Discharge) from the Army I moved to Minnesota where I spent 5 years and in the summer of 1998 I decided to move back to Texas with my 3 children. I now work as an Onsite Telephone Technician for a small company in the Dallas area.

I am married to JaVonna Smith, my beautiful wife of the past almost 4 years now; we have between us 5 children, Ashley, Lainey, Justin R., Justin D. and John. We are a family that believes in a God centered life and are proud Christians. My political view or stance, I suppose, would most likely be  considered as Conservative Republican in nature, possibly on the Tea Party Movement side of the fence on most issues.

With the election now a long gone issue and Obama being elected to his 2nd term as the President of the United States, along with the congress’ elected officials not really changing much with exception of the Senate Majority being lost by the weak Republican Senators and the House Republicans not holding their own but rather caving at almost every turn.

With the past few years in the economic storm we have been in, as well as the issues around the world, I find it more and more important to be able to express our opinions/grievances and have a place to speak our minds without having to argue or have those that decide a different view isn’t accepted call you names or degrade you. We can all learn something from each other, that I think was what made this country so great when it was first born into existence.

We as a nation have veered off track somehow and have found ourselves at a crossroad again. The fate of our once proud and glorious Nation hangs in the balance and its my opinion that if we don’t all start speaking and learning we will fail to regain the America that once was.

I wanted to have a place that all could voice an opinion and not have to deal with rude and unacceptable comments and viewpoints. Ignorance isn’t what I want to deal with; we get enough of that on the internet and on a daily basis without bringing it here too.

The main reason I decided to start this Blog was to be able to post my thoughts and have discussions with others in a respectful manner. I will accept, and I encourage, all views to be expressed. I only ask that if you don’t share the same view as someone else on this site that you remain respectful and refrain from profanity, slander or defamatory comments and remarks. If you are not able to do this I will delete your post from the Blog.

I will do my best to post new topics on a regular basis and hope all will enjoy.

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Thank You William Smith